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Ohioans are Firmly Behind Ohio’s Energy Standards

April 18th, 2014

A new poll released today by Ohio Advanced Energy Economy shows that Ohio voters are firmly committed to maintaining Ohio’s current energy standards. Nearly 75 percent of voters support the state’s clean energy law requiring major electric utilities to increase their use of renewable energy, and 86 percent register their support for the current energy efficiency law. You can find out more about the poll here. We are sharing these Statewide Survey results with the Governor, members of the Ohio General Assembly, and the media to show that SB 310, which would effectively repeal Ohio’s energy standards, is a very bad idea. Please use this as another reason to reach out to your legislators and the Governor to reinforce your opposition to SB 310. If you need any assistance, please contact me or Bret Wiseman (bret@ohioadvancedenergy.org). Help us drive this message home!

Ted Ford
President & CEO

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