About Ohio Advanced Energy Economy

Ohio Advanced Energy Economy’s mission is to build and foster a robust advanced energy economy, drive technology innovation and implementation and position Ohio as a global leader by enhancing and aligning existing business networks and assets.

Advanced energy encompasses all the technologies, products, and services that make energy more secure, clean, and affordable. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars, lightweight composites for airplane bodies, natural gas fueled trucks, high-performance buildings, more efficient industrial processes, and the latest wind, solar, and nuclear technologies – these are all advanced energy, as they use energy more productively, diversify energy sources, and reduce health and environmental costs.

Two of Ohio’s biggest assets are its manufacturing base and institutions of higher learning, which gives the state a leg up in this growing industry. With over 25,000 Ohioans employed in this field, it’s clear advanced energy is helping the state’s economy.

Ohio Advanced Energy Economy is helping create a unified voice for the advanced energy industry.


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